Greetings Florida Magicians

In the April and May, 2014 issues of Linking Ring magazine, was printed a two part article explaining the history of the Florida Magician's Association. I wrote of its beginnings and the various names given the FMA throughout the years. Although it's true that the FMA was basically formed in creating a "traveling" annual convention throughout Florida, the FMA has also become a sounding board of all things magic in the Sunshine State. There are still "brick and mortar" magic shops, and more and more small venue performance arena's are popping up around the state. Magic is alive and well in the south. This past May we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the (Florida State) magic convention and it was a spectacular one indeed attended by 400 magicians. You are reading this "message" as part of a new web site that we hope you will find useful, fun and informative. I hope you navigate through the web site often and feel proud to be a part of the Magic of Florida.







President - Florida Magician's Association

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